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Welcome To Benalla Theatre Company

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Benalla Theatre Company is having a Bush Fire Concert where all funds go to fire relief.

If you would like to join us on February 1st at 2 PM at Town Hall tickets are cash only of $20 payable at door or in front of the Bendigo Bank on Monday and Wednesday

from 10 AM  to 4 PM

2020 Production of Ma Baker’s Tonic

This very funny, theatre restaurant style show is set in the roaring twenties in Chicago. Ma Baker’s Tonic begins with the arrival of the infamous Raffia Gang, led by Ace and followed by Fingers, Crusher, Poile and Moitle, a bumbling and ineffective bunch of gangsters who want a piece of the action.

The action moves to Ritzy’s a night club, where the cleaners and waiters are preparing for opening time. Nora’s the owner of Ritzy’s is followed by Officer O’Riley who arrests her for killing her husband. With Nora taken off to prison, the running of the night club is left to Nick, Nora’s right hand man and Lily, Nora’s daughter.

The Raffia Gang turn up at Ritzy’s to raid the club and the people of their money. With Prohibition in place, Ritzy’s sells illegal alcohol to its patrons. We meet Fred, the club’s resident “dancer” and Irma an innocent young woman, who comes to audition to sing at Ritzy’s.

Ma Baker, who supplies the moonshine, appears at Ritzy’s with her daughters Blossom and Pearl with their latest batch. The Purity League Ladies follow soon after. They are prim and proper, led by Miss Fit, who are totally against liquor, gambling, short skirts and shimmying. They have a noser, Tiddly who sniffs out the alcohol and when O’Riley arrives they insist he close Ritzy's Nightclub down.

Audition Info

The Audition pack can be download here. To book an audition time, please contact Emily on 0400 639 536. If you wish to audition for one of the roles listed below, please click the link for the part that you would like to audition for.

If you are auditioning for a role not listed above, we will ask you to read one of the roles above as well. Please be prepared for us to ask you to read for roles you may not have listed. You do not need to know the dialogue of by heart, this just gives you the opportunity to be the best prepared you can be.

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